Frequently asked questions

changing career direction - where do I start?

Following a full assessment of your skills, education and experience to date it is recommended that your interests, aptitudes and personality are fully explored in order to conduct a comprehensive career review and to plan a course of action for change.  We can provide up-to-the-minute information on jobs in demand and on how you can fill the skills gap in growth sectors.

How do I progress my career?

The best place to start is with an assessment of your current skills, qualifications and experience so together we can look at a progression pathway tailored to  you.  This support will develop your skills to advance be this up-skilling or re-skilling through a return to Further and/or Higher Education and training.

How do I get the right credentials?

You may know the career direction you are headed in but perhaps you are unsure of your course options or how to obtain the right qualifications and accreditation for your sector.   REAL Career Guidance offers impartial, relevant and up-to-date information on education and training options, entry requirements and application processes to improve your chances of success.

suffering from career confusion?

Perhaps you have never worked, are a returner or someone who is only starting out on your career journey.  It is so easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by the wide array of career choices to consider.  The best career option is one which matches your personal interests to your natural aptitudes and unique personality.  REAL Career Guidance can undertake an in-depth exploration to look at a number of realistic career paths suited to your personal circumstances so you are on the right track from the get-go.

want to return to the workforce?

People can be out of work for a number of reasons, by choice or through imposition. Whether you have stepped out to rear a family, attend to caring duties, for personal reasons or due to redundancy or a period of unemployment you will benefit from a thorough assessment of your skills, interests, values and motivation.  This will help you to re-brand and support your step back into today's more liquid and precarious labour market. This may be direct entry into the world of work or via a return to education and training.  REAL Career Guidance can draft a contemporary CV which highlights your transferable skills, devise a job search strategy to ensure excellent results, guide job applications to woo prospective employers and adequately prepare you for interview success!

SECOND AND THIRD LEVEL students (and their parents) - need support?

REAL Career Guidance offers post primary and third level students (and their parents!) support which is supplementary to the school guidance system.  This happens through tailored guidance sessions with a focus on providing clarity and a clear set of options and realistic career choices.  This can include PLC/Further Education and Higher Education options and course applications, as well as entry into earn-as-you-learn traineeships and apprenticeships which offer excellent career progression pathways to individuals across the lifespan.

GDPR and You

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We collect certain information about you in the course of operating our business.  This notice sets out details of the information that we collect, how we process it and who we share it with.  It also explains your rights under data protection law in relation to our processing of your data.

Where does REAL Career Guidance collect personal data from?

  • The personal data that we collect will be provided through a service registration form or agency form.

Why do you process my personal data?

  • We process your personal data in order to provide you with our services and to assist us in the operation of our service.  Under data protection law we are required to ensure that there is an appropriate basis for the processing of your data, and we are required to let you know what that basis is.
  • The primary bases that we use are: providing you with a guidance service, provision of relevant information to you, in the general running of our business (auditing, quality control checks, to meet legislative and regulatory obligations), marketing and administering computer systems.


  • In order to process your personal data we need your consent.  When we process your personal data on the basis of your consent you are free to withdraw that consent at any time.  Please note if you withdraw your consent we may not be able to continue providing you with the service to which the consent related.

Information you are obliged to provide

  • We require certain information from you in order to be able to enter into a working contract with you and to be able to provide you with our services.

Who controls the use of your personal data?

  • REAL Career Guidance, based in Dunboyne, County Meath, controls and is responsible for your personal data that is collected in relation to our services.

What personal data is collected?

  • Biographical details (name, address, phone number, email,  etc).
  • Interactions with us (if you interact with us we may have cause to record details of those interactions (e.g., phone calls, email correspondence, hard copy correspondence, etc). 
  • When you interact with our online services (by computer, tablet or smartphone) you will often provide data to us which you will be aware of when using the services for which you give consent.

Your rights

You have rights under data protection law, subject to certain exemptions, in connection with our processing of your personal data.  Namely:

  • A right to access the data.
  • A right to rectification (to amend any information).
  • A right to erasure (to deletion).
  • A right to restriction of processing or to object to processing (to request that we no longer process your personal data for particular purposes).
  • A right to data portability (to provide you or a third party with a copy of what is held on you).

Who do we share your personal data with?

  • To the referring agency, if relevant.
  • To other professionals, where a referral is made with your consent.
  • To providers of education and training, with your consent.
  • To prospective employers, with your consent.

Retention of personal data

  • REAL Career Guidance will retain your personal data in accordance with our record retention policy.  This policy operates on the principle that we keep personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purpose for which we collected it.  It is also kept in accordance with any legal requirements that are imposed on us.  This means that the retention period for your personal data will vary depending on the type of personal data.